17 May

In the nervousness of the initial days I missed some information, logistics and the help of people that make this journey possible.

First Larry and Emma Scott picked me up at 5am to make my flight in Denver. Very nice of them, and I appreciated their willingness to do this for me. They made sure all of my boxes were able to get to the airport without me paying for 3months of airport parking!

Initially I was planning on Catching a shuttle from the airport that goes out towards Florence but my arrival time didn't work out. Instead I was picked up by a Melinda Klienman my cousin who lives in the area. Not only did she pick me up, she drove me from Portland to Florence which is a long ways away. She was my tour guide for the area. She took me to see cool a cool light house nearby. I had a great time visiting with her. I posted her picture on Day 1 but it is worth posting again!

As a fun side note about the Portland Airport. I got my bags from baggage pick up and as you walk to the pick up area they have a bike assembly place in the airport. It is apparent that transversing the US on bike is pretty common!

I have been blessed to have great people willing to help me on this journey.

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