05 May

Today was a figure it out as you go day. To get to the next shelter location was a 44 mile ride at an expensive Bed and Breakfast.  44 miles... a bit farther than I thought would be smart for the start of this adventure.  So I am next door in Springfield, OR getting ready for a long day tomorrow.  My plan is to spend tomorrow night at Belknap Hot Springs which is 60 miles from Eugene.  However, I do get to spend 2 nights at the Hot Springs, which I love!

Today I did go see University of Oregon football stadium, for those who like Ducks. Seeing the stadium makes me want to take in a game there one time!

I will say, Eugene is very bike friendly.  Willamette River bike path is beautiful. Riding a bike around the city is easy and well thought out. However, clearing these paths when it snows would not be an easy task.

Today I spent time lounging around, eating good food, and  doing laundry. I just couldn't stomach paying $2.00 to dry a few clothes so I turned my room into a drying rack! But now I'm thinking that might not have been the best idea. My room is so humid they are barely drying.

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