11 May

Distances; 31.1 miles

Elevation: 841 ft

Start location: Dayville OR

End location: John Day OR

I have been sleeping great in my cozy tent. I woke up to sounds of cows mooing and chickens cackling. Lots of agriculture around here. I like it. This valley is full of ranches and old barns. 

Today was a sunny day, again a pleasure to put on sunscreen. Temps were cool so only a jacket with a regular bike jersey needed. 

31 miles, is a short day, but still means three hours of riding. Still I was looking forward to it. The route was going to be a gradual incline all day but no hills for the duration of the ride. 

There was the same green valley scenery with Juniper hills, but in the distance is snow covered mountains. I hope I get to skirt around them and not over them. 

There were a lot of US flag displays. I like that.

I went through the town of Mt, Vernon. No George Washington there but they had a park called Clyde Holliday state park. Large grassy areas with blooming trees swarming with bees. It was Fantastic.

I arrived in John Day OR and I am going to take a rest day here. I am tired for the first 10 miles today flew by, the last 10 miles took forever. 

Plan is to Rest tomorrow and figure out the next two days.

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