25 May

Start: Kooskia

End: Wilderness Gateway campground

Distance: 50.45

Elevation 1017 ft

I am on day 1 of three with no services of cafe, marketplace or hotels. There are campgrounds of which most are open but not all, so you have to plan ahead to find the open ones. Weather is perfect, no wind, sunny and mild temps. Oh, if all days were like this. 

Today after eating a BIG breakfast, the last cooked food for a while, I headed out on HWY 12 along the Selma River. I have paid over three years some $50 specifically to try to get a permit to raft the Selma. It is good to at least see the river, for I have not been awarded a permit yet. ARGH. The river is big and water is moving. There are some great rapids and drops. It is early in the rafting season, but there are still some rafters and kayakers out enjoying the water. Oh, boy that water is cold.

Also along the river there are cables with trolley cars hung below the cables. They are used to cross over the river to houses on the other side. I want one of those houses when I grow up. The locations of the houses across the river looks so peaceful and quiet.

I ride for most of the day to arrive at Wilderness Gateway campground. I am tired, happy to have one of the three days done. I am looking forward to a long sleep tonight! 

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