20 May

Start: White Bird ID

End: Grangeville ID

Distance: 21 miles

Elevation: 2854 ft

Today’s ride started late and not just because i am back in Pacific Time zone again. I was trying to solve the problem of my back tire is wearing out fast. The tire will not make it to Missoula MT so I need a new tire soon. I think I have a solution, but yet to be seen.

I had a hard climb right out of the gate, nearly 3000ft climb up White Bird Hill. 12 miles later, 3 hours later I crest the top at 4,250 ft elevation. I was out of water and it was a toasty 80 degrees with no shade. 

Not many pictures today due to smoke in the air. I guess there are fires in Canada causing the smoke. 

I called it a day in Grangeville and in need of a rest so I am going to take Sunday off of riding. 

I am going to back off my expectations for high mileage days, I am not in good enough shape to pull that off yet, even if I want it to be so. Reality kind of hit me today. 

White Bird is an interesting location of a Battle between Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce Indian tribe and the US Calvary. I have walked the battlefield on a previous trip through the area. Very interesting to walk battlefields. They are sites of respect for the combatants. Sad events.

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