18 May

Start: Cambridge ID

End: Zims Hot springs ID

Miles: 53.84

Elevation: 2486 ft

I got an early start, for me at least and headed out of town. The most difficult time to navigate is leaving town after spending a night. It took me a few wrong turns and circles to get out of a small town. I thought I was an above average navigator, but maybe not!

Morning was sunny and 60 degree weather. I followed hwy 95 all day starting in Cambridge. At mile 10 I was able to stop at a cafe and have a breakfast. Anything with Eggs for breakfast is a win.

The ride was through an open valley of hay fields and livestock. Also, lots of ducks in every ditch and river. The scenery has its own energy, and peace. Good to be moving forward. At mile 30 the valley ends and the climbing starts. Climbing was not hard today like it was prior to Halfway OR, but it does take time and patience for my speed dropped down to 5 mph.

At the top of the climb for the day was a cafe not yet open for the season, but they let me get a couple bottles of water. Talking to the owner, he let me know the conditions of the road, that it was narrow, no shoulders going down hill into Riggns ID 30 miles in the future and to watch my six. :-). Almost everyone who talks to me tries to help me with road conditions. I find it a nice gesture, but I cannot remember all of the information I am given. Dang it. 

I had a flat ride the rest of the way to New Meadows where I got another turkey and Swiss sandwich from subway. I have been eating a lot of turkey and Swiss.

Camp tonight is 6 miles up the road from New Meadows at Zims Hot Springs. I am happy to be here. A good ride today. Great weather!

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