08 Aug

Start: Boston PA 

End: Confluence PA

Distance: 69.67 miles

Elevation: 358 ft

The Greater Allegheny Pass is what I will be riding for the next two days. In total the path is 145 miles following rivers meaning minimal elevation changes. I appreciate that. 

The GAP follows the P&LE (Pittsburg and Lake Erie Railroad). Their area is where the coal originated to feed the steel mills in Pittsburg.  Amazing scale of operations for the industry.

The weathers is pleasant and path is shaded for the most part as it winds a long the river.  There are so many bridges, they all fascinate me in their age and the amount of work to build them. 

The pathway is full of day trippers enjoying the path and scenery. The Youghiogheny River is full of rafters kayakers floating the River. As I approach the town of Ohiopyle there is more white water and I was able to catch a few rafters navigating them.  It was great. 

The day warmed up some so a dip in the river was a cool refresher before ending the day in the town of Confluence. A great day riding.

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