01 Aug

Start: Walnut Creek OH

End: New Philadelphia OH



The ride started out in heavy fog and visibility was poor. The riding was pretty when the clouds lifted showing the green fields and farms. It was very serene.

My plan was to ride into New Philadelphia about 20 Mikes away and call it a day. The remaining route to Pittsburg are busy roads and highways with small to no shoulders, additionally the heat was to be 90 plus with 90% humidity. I made the decision to get a ride share to downtown Pittsburg, to set up for my final leg of the trip. I am going to enjoy a more relaxed pace riding the remaining week.

While riding in the ride share I liked my decision more and more. Traffic cars zooming close by I have had enough.

I arrive in downtown Pittsburg it is good. What a beautiful place nearby Point State Park, the start of the Great Allegheny Pass trail.

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