28 Jul

Start: Richmond IN

End: Springfield OH

Distance: 60.11 miles

Elevation: 1079 feet

The rides after a rest day have been a mixed bag, and I don’t know what to expect, a good strong ride or a mentally draining ride. Today was a good ride, 60 miles came quick it seemed. 

Everything here is green. I swear, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, things just grow it seems. Huge mowed yards look great around the houses. Lots of crops growing.

Today I am straight shoting it down US 40 to Springfield.  The ride goes well but US 40 is a heavily trafficked road so there is some stress with vehicles passing. And regrettably at times I cause vehicles to slow down for me. I appreciate when cars slow for me when needed. I do feel twinges of selfishness though. 

Tomorrow, I am heading to Columbus OH and heading north off of the I-70 and US40  route. After Columbus, hills will become the norm. I have enjoyed the flatlands.

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