27 Jul

Start:Brazil IN

End: Indianapolis IN

Distance: 71.59 miles 

Elevation: 1450 feet

I am now in eastern time zone, losing one hour impacts start time, but I will get there. Started today in the dark at a sweet 65 degrees and 93% humidity.

The plan is to suffer riding on US40 for it is the most direct route. Not a fun route but as efficient as can be. I need to get to a bike shop appointment for a chain replacement as a precaution.

No mishaps today and I made good time, arriving in Indianapolis metro area by 12noon. But then the road got busy and crappy. It was a tough 15 miles before I arrived on the glorious river view path that led straight downtown. 

Downtown Indianapolis was fantastic and wholly unexpected. Great buildings, museums and monuments. I did not know. I enjoyed my pedal through the area. 

I arrived at the bike shop, no problem. They changed out the chain and I got to visit with Tony, the bike mechanic about how to get to Pittsburgh. Great information, and good ideas for route he gave me, with one bit of bad news, lots of sharp hills (argh!) the last 100 miles into Pittsburgh. I have one week to get to Pittsburgh.

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