27 Jul

Start: Greenup IL 

End: Brazil IN

Distance: 60.24 miles

Elevation: 1125 feet

Leaving Greenup this morning was a brisk 65 degrees, NICE!!

I head off, expecting a normal riding day. I came to the town of Casey IL where they have tourist attractions of the worlds largest pencil and golf tee and chair. Haha, I liked them. 

I ride through more fields of corn and soybeans. And I came to a road closed sign that I passed through. I did not see any detour signs and I also did not want to go exploring the countryside to find one. I rode up to the construction workers and asked if there was a way around. Yes there was but it was sketchy with mud and a creek crossing. I navigated the mud okay but the creek crossing got me. I strained my knee pedaling in to high of a gear. Uh oh it hurt in ways it should not. I get back on the road and head to a gas station for morning snack of milk and a baked good. 

My knee is feeling better but is weak and catches sometimes (At the end of day knee is working okay, but still weak going down stairs but will be okay)

I pass through Terre Haute, IN where I swear I see the home from the Munsters old tv show.

I ride down Ohio street which is lined with cool houses and has a median green space the length of town. I love it. 

I have 10 miles to go when I have my first crash of the ride. RR track got me and I slammed to the deck. My helmet worked better than I expected plus having panniers help. I came out of the crash with no road rash or bruises!  I am so surprised, but still not happy to have crashed. 

I arrived at the hotel room in good shape. I was lucky to even have a room for the area hotels were all filled with rodeos and other events bringing people to the area. 

I am now in Eastern time zone and will arrive in Indianapolis tomorrow in time to hit up the bike shop for a new chain before they close for the weekend.

Overall it ended up being a tough ride today.  I might just need that huge rocking chair.

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