21 Jul

Start: St Louis MO

End: Greenville IL

Distance: 56.12 miles

Elevation: 705 ft

I choose a hotel in the bad part of St Louis, unbeknownst to me. There was no nearby food and Dominos, Jimmy John’s would not deliver to the hotel. I went without dinner.

I got my normal start at 6am riding. Weather is good but high humidity.

Following google maps out of town was a lot of turning and little roads. I crossed the Mississippi River at McKenzie bridge!And I arrive in Illinois. Bye Missouri!

I ride through the industrial part of the area. There were a lot of train tracks to cross and strange small roads. The riding is sub 10mph.

At  Edwardsville I grabbed some Breakfast for I was really sluggish. I think last nights skipping dinner caught up with me. Todays riding was going to be difficult  energy wise.

I road out onto the countryside through many fields of corn and soybeans. It was nice and green. 

I decided 56 miles was going to be it for the day and I had to push to get that far. 

Note to self, when I pick out the hotels I get bad locations and bad hotels as in I seem to chose dives. Good thing I am alone for I would not have Ellen stay in these places.  Megan’s track record of choosing hotels is much better. 

Riding east tomorrow!

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