21 Jul

Start: Washington MO

End: St Louis MO

Distance: 60.45 miles

Elevation: 1713 ft

I got a good start out of Washington crossing back over the Missouri River to get back to the Katy Trail. 

I leave the Katy trail at Chesterfield MO. The Katy Trail has been so interesting, the small towns that rally around the trail, plus the cool history with the train. I will miss the luxury of no hills, and a shaded trail. 

Arriving in big cities on a bike is interesting experience. You get to see levees, bridges and sport parks, St. Louis has them all. I ride through the outlying suburbs an along the frontage roads next to interstate 64, then boom take a turn and ride directly through downtown with tall buildings and large roads. 

Next I come to Forest Hills Park. Wow, so incredible. Museums and other public spaces with lots and lots of grassy spaces all trimmed and looking good. 

Next up is the Gateway Arch which is impressive!I took a quick picture and I left because I was ready to finish the ride for today.

Riding through cities is slow going and as usual I am tired so I call it a day and find lodging. 

Goal for tomorrow is to keep peddling east!  

Overall route is Indianapolis to Pittsburgh then Washington DC.

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