18 Jul

Start: Boonville MO

End: Jefferson City MO

Distance: 56.97 miles

Elevation: 269 ft

Started the morning off in 97 percent humidity, on to the Katy Trail.  The Katy trail multi-use trail converted from the Missouri, Kansas and Texas abandoned rail line.  I have been looking forward to riding Katy trail.  

It will follow the Missouri River till St. Charles MO.  It is a limestone covered pathway, so it will be a little dusty for the next few days of riding.

The infrastructure surrounding the trail, old RR line is going to be the best part of it. The old railroad stations and stops have been re-purposed for museums and informational stops.  I did not get to cross the Missouri River in Boonville on the Katy Bridge, nor could I see it clearly due to the fog, but it was still cool for what. I could see.

I shortly came to a town of Old Franklin, which is the beginning of the Santa Fe Trail.  I love it!!

The trail went through a tunnel at Rocheport!  There are restaurants and cafes in towns along the rail line, not to mention the views of the Missouri River are spectacular.  

The other good part of riding the trail, NO HILLS, in the SHADE most of the time.  It was a pleasure day, wearing a smile the whole way.  

I pull into Jefferson City where I am going to take a rest day.  I am tired but will be looking forward to riding the trail more.

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