13 Jul

Start: Kearney, MO

End: Higginsville, MO

Distance: 61.3 Mi

Elevation: 2,438 ft

Status update: So far on my trip I have rode 2,241.9 Miles over 203.45 hours and done 77,265 ft of elevation. I did have 3 weeks off but this is over a period of 58 days on the route.

I got my earliest start ever this morning, 5:50am. It was pleasant riding weather with the sunrise at 6am. Today was just about getting distance in resulting in two pictures. One of a sweet sunrise, other of a civil war battle fought in the area.

I was happy to leave the incessant hills behind and just get into rhythm and pedal. I got to my first test at 2hrs 30 mins of peeling and 30 miles done. Sweet! The 2nd 30 miles are always harder, I get tired. I pull into Higgensville at 12 noon. Hit up a McDonald’s for two large drinks with a lot of  ice!  I drank 4 bottles of water during the ride and I would have drank more if I had it.  

Just a riding day, but happy to get back into more miles. Previous day of 30 miles  and the effort it took to get those 30 had me emotionally drained. I feel better about the ride after today. I am nursing a sore tail end. It needs to heal up! Now please.

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