10 Jul

Start: Blue Rapids KS

End: Whiting KS

Distance: 67.96 miles 

Elevation: 2690 ft

I had a good sleep and got a good start this morning. Plan was to eat off the bike for a morning snack and have breakfast 30 miles down the road at the town of Centralia KS in a cafe there. 

The ride was hilly, zoom down hill in highest gear then crank up slowly in the lowest gear mile after mile. 

More green fields of crops, but the number of hay field was going from minority to majority. The country side was transitioning to cattle country. There were still cool barns and water towers. I am enjoying Kansas a lot.

I wave to most every vehicle and most wave back. I count a finger raised off steering wheel was a wave back. I do this to keep blood flowing in my hands over the long days. Hahaha. But people are nice. I do not get crowded here while I am being passed. I appreciate that a lot.

The cafe in Centralia was closed! No food. Uh oh. This happens so more eating off of bike. I have nuts cookies and bars. On the way out of town there was a market I did not know about. (Megan says she told me, but I did not hear). I found meatloaf in their deli area. Hot meatloaf, corn and rolls. Hmmmm. I ate it. The first happy occurrence of three today.

I rode on and it was getting hot. At mile 50 a town named Wetmore had a dinner AND a cool town pool. Happy #2. 

I finally reached my end of ride in the town of Whiting. It was over 90. I decided to stay in the town park under a decrepit pavilion. Rain is forecast during the night. Even so I had power and roof over my head. No running water but I was good. I took a nap while waiting for the temps to go down before setting up tent and pad.

Then a man named Dean provided happy occurrence #3. He said  two blocks away he had a room with a shower AC and a cot if I wanted to use it I could. I said yes, thinking it would be small but serviceable. 

Well, the room is a full on Man Cave. Shower with towels, running water, sleeping cots, pin ball and pac man, shuffle board!!! Awesome!!

A good end to the day.

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