16 Jun

Start: Riverside, WY

End: Walden, CO

Distance: 51.61 mi

Elevation: 2598 ft

I started the morning drying out tent and ground pad as usual, I am getting used to tent being wet by now.  :-)  I was out and riding at 9am after a cafe breakfast.  My earliest time to be riding, I think.  Day was partly couldy.  It was good to see the sun if only in patches.  The clouds are pretty as long as they are not dark rain clouds.  None today!

The ride is going to be a constant uphill all the way to Walden.  This area it seems is where the big ranches live. There are lots of cattle.  I recognize some of the names of the ranches from the Denver Stock Show. 

Flowers are about, lots of purple, yellow flowers, and POPPIES.  Additionally fields of Dutch (or Japanese) Irises.  There is so much water for the Irises to grow as they want.

On the ride today, I saw a Bald Eagle and a Badger!  It is only the 2nd or 3rd badger I had ever seen.  And of course Antelope are everywhere.  But No deer today.

I left WY and I was not sad.  WY was tough.  I still have bad thoughts about I-80 and a bike.  And so much rain.  But the exposure to weather is the looming feature of WY. You just feel it all the time.   I entered Colorado, it is good to be in my home state.

Today, I met a rider named Steve from North Carolina.  Steve is riding east to west.  He has already conquered Colorado.  Steve did get hammered on Trail Ridge road by wind snow and hail.  Some kind person gave him a 5 mile ride to Alpine Lodge at the top where Hot Chocolate lives.  :-). Tough rider he is.

Days end was Walden and a BBQ sandwich. Since Steve and I were the last customers of the day, food was free! Fantastic news & Good food too.

Camp is city park.

A good day to ride.  Amazing, good weather can make the day ride pleasant.

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