06 Jun

I can get used to being supported by a motor home, a cook, and a cheering squad really quick. I Woke up and got a hot breakfast and then was off.  It was hard to say goodbye to Jon's family.  More emotional than I would have imagined. 

I had a short climb up to the top of Palisades Dam, weather was clear and sunny if a bit windy at 54 degrees.  There was a guy trying to kite ski in the lake.  A tough guy in cold water, for sure.  

The road wound along the shore of the Palisades Resevoir with small climbs and decent.  The lake is large and lots of good overlooks to see the pretty scenery.  

I roll into Alpine, at 1pm with 20 more miles to go to Hoback Junction in Wyoming.  This  is going to be a quick straightforward day.. 

Well the clouds roll in and are dark but I don't get rained on today.  I am happy about that.  Then comes mile 38.  It is a cursed number. On previous day's ride's, weather hits bad at mile 38 or I get overly tired for the day, something seems to happen at mile 38.  I was 4 miles from the day's end goal of Hoback, feeling strong making good time. I was looking forward to the end of the riding day.  Then, bump bump; bump bump; something has suddenly changed on my ride.  I get off to check the bike.  I find that the back tire has developed bulges on the tread, not the sidewalls but the tread.  My thought is "Are you kidding me?"  I have never had this happen.  I try to nurse the bike on down the road, but the bulges get bigger and the bumping becomes more pronounced.  I stop and remove the tire and take it apart. to see what might be happening.  I inspect the tire and find the inside is delaminating from the tire tread.  ARGH.  

Pat and Brett, 2 local River Rangers kindly gave me a ride into Hoback Junction, where I called my Daughter from Utah to come get me.  I need to get to a good bicycle shop and talk to a mechanic on getting my tire issue solved.  It is so frustrating to encounter tire problems, but problems are part of the adventure.  

In Utah, I plan to order some Schwable Marathon tires that will take three days to arrive.  I am currently waiting for the tires to arrive.  I will be out of riding until Monday June 12 where I will pick back up in Wyoming.

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