02 Jun

Start: Birch Creek Campground

End: Rexburg ID

Distance: 65 miles

Elevation: 405 ft

Today’s goal was to first make it to Mud Creek for some food at mile 30, then on to Rexburg ID for a total of 65 miles.  The ride was going to be a long ride.  Unlike yesterday which was sort of tricking my self to go a little further, this day’s goal was known, 65 miles. On my side was sunny and a tail wind while descending 2000 ft over 30 miles.  A friend (Ward) said it was going to be an easy day, hahah.  I liked the thought anyway.  

Off I rode, enjoying the tail wind and decent, averaged 18 miles the first hour. Glorious!  2nd hour no tail wind, but still going down hill.  2 hours later, I was eating a huge burger at Farmers Brothers Burger in Mud Lake.  Ahh yes, so good. I'm good to go as I make the final push to Rexburg.

I rode through the Idaho National Labratory for several miles.  Signs along the road, no trespassing.  Haha, okay I won’t camp there was my thought.  I had broken out from the valleys into wide the open area of pivot farms.  I love the hayfields smell and sights.  Good stuff.

I cross over I-15 and 20 miles to Rexburg where there is a motel, shower and food with my name on it.  I will get to watch the Nugget game, I will get a rest day.  I am happy.  It was a good day riding.  Not and easy day, but a good day. 

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