08 May

Springfield to Belknap Springs

Miles: 59.9 miles

Elevation: 1486 ft

My ride today started in Springfield with cloudy skies and wet pavement. As I made my way out of towards McKenzie river valley I noticed that there are so many different shades of green for the trees. The added bonus was the smell of wood stoves burning wood. It was a great day riding up the McKenzie River. The water was such a pretty turquoise color.

The rain started at mile 23 and would continue for the rest of the day. Temps were in the low 50s, so I was warm but wet all day. Megan did her best tying to provide rain updates but 20 mins to the end of the rain never came.

My riding routine is to ride one hour, get off the bike for a few minutes then repeat 3-5 times per day. I try to pick up lunch items somewhere and eat during one of these stops. I also have my Wahoo Bike Computer to remind me to drink every 20 mins in an effort to keep me hydrated enough. So far this routine is working.

One of my favorite resting points of the day was at Leaburg Dam and Fish hatchery. There was lots of water pounding through the dam outlet. I love white water. It mesmerizes me to watch the power of the water moving. The fish hatchery was way cool. I saw this 4-5 ft long fish. It was a white sturgeon. Being from Colorado, fish don’t get that big! Way cool to see the Sturgeon. 

With 5 miles to go I hear a ping from my bike. I think, it was a rock being squirted from my tire and continue on. About two miles later i hear the sound again. I am worried, but I am also running out of energy and continue on to my destination. I am so happy to be at my camping spot. I will soon be soaking in hot water. Facilities are great, I am happy in the glow of being finished for the day.

Just before going to bed, I lock up my bike with a cable and notice what caused the pings during the last miles of my ride, two broken spokes on the back wheel. OH NO!!! Instant panic sets in and the fear of being stranded. But then I remember I have a cousin that lives nearby.

I call my cousin who lives in Bend 70 miles away, who is able to come get me and my bike the next morning so I can address the problem. I cannot express my relief to have some rescue. I slept okay, but worried on how to solve the problem. My back wheel carries so much of the weight.

Summation: a good riding day, that could have ended badly. It was fortunate I made it all the way to my destination and not just part way. Good to get out of the rain, but it was pretty scenery all day. I was appropriately tired but I still physically feel good for just starting the ride. It is hard to be conservative when the urge is to “just go”. It is too early for that mentality.

Bike Problems:

Bike is in shop. Problem is the axel spacing is unique to my model of bike. Translated hard to find. Options: are lace existing wheel with better spokes and call it good, or move to a 29wheel with more robust wheel and spokes. Fix current wheels as with option one and then order replacement wheels to a trek shop down the road. I don’t like the fix the current wheel options for I have long quiet roads where I can breakdown. I am hoping for the expensive 29er solution.

I was driven over the large pass this morning. 39 degrees and snow on the ground, no shoulder for a long ride between stops. Maybe I used up my good fortune by getting driven over the pass.

The local bike shot got back to me. 29er DT Swiss with triple cross spokes out the door end of Monday. I count that as a win!! They ended up getting it back to me Monday morning and I will be riding as of Monday around noon!

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